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What is uTraak ?

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uTraak is a highly specialized next generation GPS tracking solution integrated with the school student ID cards, designed and developed by Entapza Technologies. uTraak was designed considering student safety, accuracy and ease of use as the paramount parameters, and the application focus on ensuring child safety, better tracking and communication between the parents and school.

The child can be tracked using a simple click in a mobile app or browser, and also it facilitates informing the parents proactively on pickup and drop-off trip notifications, thus enabling better communication between the school and the parent.

The system has been extensively tested for many real world scenarios, with multiple trip combinations, thus developing a comprehensive, fool-proof and safe solution, trusted by many schools in the UAE.

Benefits for Parents and School

Safe and Secure - Continuous, reliable tracking of the child ensuring peace of mind is made possible using uTraak.

Convenience - The parents can locate the bus, and need not waste time waiting for the school bus to pickup or drop off the child.

Prompt Communication - Get notified for the boarding & drop-off for morning pickup and afternoon drop offs.

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How it Works?

Our technical team provides uTraak enabled student ID cards for the school, and provides necessary hardware devices to operate uTraak.

The details of the students and buses will be available in the uTraak application.

Parents can add their children for tracking, and also select the buses which they would like to track to the uTraak application. Once these are setup, then the users can track the buses of their choice real-time.

Parents will also get notifications in the mobile app and SMS, based on the choice made by the school.

The school admin can get various customized reports and data with respect to the school bus trips made.

If you would like to know more, contact our sales team.

Our Services

Setup and Deployment

Our technical team will complete the required device configuration in all the school buses. All the pickup and drop off routes will be setup along with the complete student information, retrievable using the ID card number. These will be managed by our support staff who will also make the necessary customizations and changes based on the school requirements.

Student ID Cards

For the students travelling in bus our design team will provide the student ID card design and after the approval from School, the ID cards will be printed and distributed for students. If the school requires ID cards for all students we are happy to help you.


Our support team will be always available for any school specific requirements, including new admissions, card cancellations, customized reports and so on. Whether it is a card replacement, or a parent mobile update in the system or a new report which you would like to see,you can count on our support team to do the work quickly and efficiently.

Key Design Considerations

Things that are required for the success of a GPS Tracking Solution

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Why to uTraak ?

Track Your Child

Track the exact location of your child, to ensure your child is safe on the way to and back from the school.

Better Time Management

Know exactly when to reach the bus stop to drop off and pick up your child from the bus stop.

Ensure Child Safety

Make sure that no child is left back in the bus knowingly or unknowingly after the bus reaches the school.

Communicate Better

Ensure better communication between the school and the parent outside the school campus.

Track the bus of your choice

uTraak enables you to add the buses of your choice for tracking. This gives you a better peace of mind knowing you are in control, especially on days of extra classes or transport re-scheduling.

Easy to use interface

uTraak takes pride in its highly user friendly interface for the web and mobile applications. The usage is smooth and tracking is accurate!

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